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Professional Development Conference

A Professional Development Conference is an event specifically designed for professionals to enhance their skills, knowledge, and competencies in their real estate careers. The conference often features a mix workshops, education, and networking opportunities, led by experts and industry leaders. Attendees can expect to engage in interactive sessions that focus on current trends, innovative practices, and emerging technologies.  The goal is to provide a platform for learning, sharing experiences, and fostering professional growth, while also offering a chance to connect with peers and expert. Such conferences are crucial for staying updated with industry standards, gaining new insights, and enhancing one’s professional network. 


SD REALTORS® education program encompasses a range of courses and training programs designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the real estate industry. This education typically covers topics such as property laws, market analysis, real estate finance, property management, and sales techniques. Offered through various platforms, including in classroom, virtual classrooms and online courses, which caters to aspiring real estate agents, brokers, investors, and property managers. SD REALTOR® education provides ongoing professional development to keep up with changing regulations, market trends, and best practices. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to establish or advance a career in the dynamic and competitive field of real estate.

Graduate, Realtor® Institute (GRI)

Realtors® who earn the Graduate, Realtor® Institute (GRI) designation report increased earnings, improved customer service, and the ability to attract more clients. Well versed in all-things real estate, GRI grads wield a competitive edge with their deep knowledge of:

  • Sales Process
  • Marketing
  • Business Skills
  • Legal & Regulatory Issues
  • Risk Management
  • Technology
  • Professional Standards

Join the tens of thousands of REALTORS® in South Dakota and around the country who transformed their careers by earning this elite designation. GRI training is offered exclusively by SD REALTORS®.


Designations and certifications are distinctions awarded to REALTORS® who pursue advanced training in a wide range of real estate skills and specializations. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) offers 24 distinct designations, including the prestigious Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI), which is offered exclusively by South Dakota REALTORS®.

REALTORS® who achieve designations and certifications are more knowledgeable, provide better customer service, and win more long-term loyalty from customers than agents without accreditations. They also earn significantly more money.

SD REALTORS® offers virtual classrooms for agents ready to take the next step in their career by earning designations. 

Be sure to check out the Center for Realtor® Development, which offers many online courses that count towards a designation or certification. NAR provides and its partners provide training for REALTORS® to earn designations in 24 different areas of skills and knowledge. Learn more about each of these certifications by visiting Designations & Certifications on NAR’s website.

REALTOR® Convention of the Dakotas

Our Annual Convention is the Premier Event for Serious REALTORS®

The REALTOR® Convention of the Dakotas is a premier event specifically tailored for real estate professionals operating in the North and South Dakota. This annual gathering is a hub for networking, learning, and professional growth, uniquely focusing on the challenges and opportunities within the Dakotas’ real estate markets. Participants engage in a variety of sessions including market trend analyses, regulatory updates, and technological advancements in real estate. The convention also offers a platform for REALTORS® to exchange ideas, develop new business strategies, and gain insights from industry leaders. It’s an invaluable opportunity for REALTORS® to stay connected, informed, and ahead in their field.