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Risk management for realtors involves specific strategies and resources tailored to the real estate industry’s unique challenges. By leveraging these resources, realtors can effectively manage risks related to legal compliance, market fluctuations, property management, and client relations.

Real Estate Terms

Real estate involves complex transactions, often representing significant financial and emotional decisions for individuals. Knowing real estate terms helps ensure all parties involved — buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers — have a common understanding. Understanding the relevant terms helps ensure compliance with these standards, reducing the risk of misunderstandings, disputes, or legal issues, crucial for effective communication and in the end a successful transaction.

Consumer Protection

Having knowledgeable consumers is South Dakota’s first line of defense against fraud and deception. The Division of Consumer Protection is your resource for important consumer information. We have strengthened our laws and have dedicated resources to guard against scam artists seeking to take advantage of South Dakotans. We encourage you to contact us before you act on what appears to be a good deal or an urgent call requiring your immediate attention. These offers are sometimes designed to take your hard earned funds.

Whether you feel like you have been scammed by a business or you are just confused by a bill you received, we are here to help. Our Investigators are here to help mediate and find a resolution to your consumer complaints.

The South Dakota Division of Consumer Protection consists of an Assistant Attorney General, a Director, five Investigators, and one Complaint Intake Specialist, all of whom work under the direction of the South Dakota Attorney General.

For more information contact the SD Division of Consumer Protection.

Ethics & Professional Standards

The business of real estate has changed dramatically in the century since REALTORS® created the Code of Ethics. But the Code has served as a steadfast reminder of the duties REALTORS® have to clients, customers, and the public even as it evolves with the times. In today’s technology-driven world, REALTORS® follow a comprehensive guide that clearly defines appropriate and inappropriate actions in areas such as social media, listing presentations, data confidentiality, and copyright safeguarding, addressing the rapidly evolving challenges in these domains. This is supported by the Code of Ethics and its accompanying Standards of Practice, which provide detailed interpretations of the principles established in the Code.