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South Dakota REALTOR® Ring Day

Mark your calendars for our next South Dakota REALTOR® Ring Day: Friday, December 7, 2018.

REALTOR® Ring Day is a day when REALTORS® around the state and country unite to volunteer at as many Salvation Army red kettles as possible in their local communities. South Dakota REALTORS® joins other Associations of REALTORS® from around the country to help South Dakota communities.

The event debuted in 2010 with a few hundred REALTORS® bell ringing on a single day in Minnesota and North Dakota. Again this year, thousands of REALTORS® will all be ringing on December 7. The dollars raised at each kettle stay in the local community. The event gives REALTORS® an opportunity to support a cause that is dear to them: housing. Kettle donations also fund vital Salvation Army programs such as food, rehabilitation and youth activities.

Thank you to all of those that participated in REALTOR® Ring Day 2017! Total raised: $23,346.36.

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Aberdeen $2,984.00
Black Hills $2,930.54
Central $661.51
East Central $2,145.86

Huron $569.24
Lewis & Clark $2205.00
Mitchell $391.22

Mount Rushmore $995.00
Northeast $4482.90
RASE $5981.09