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In today’s competitive business environment, it often takes more than just motivation and initiative to succeed. SD REALTORS® provides quality education that raises the standards of professionalism and knowledge.

Date/time Course Location Registration
April 22-24, 2024 | 9am-4pm CT Spring Caravan - Navigate the Complexities of Real Estate Regulations Dive into the essentials of Fair Lending & ECOA to ensure equality in housing opportunities. Unravel the intricacies of TILA-RESPA & TRID for a seamless closing process. Safeguard sensitive information with GLB & Privacy best practices. Identify and prevent Predatory Lending & Mortgage Fraud to protect consumers. Stay compliant with BSA/Anti-Money Laundering regulations to uphold industry integrity. Empower your real estate practice with knowledge and compliance. Enroll now and stay ahead in the competitive market!" Monday, April 22, 2024 - WATERTOWN - Terry Redlin Center Tuesday, April 23, 2024 - SIOUX FALLS - Holiday Inn Downtown Wednesday, April 24, 2024 - RAPID CITY - BW Ramkota NEW Locations Register
April 10, 2024 | 9am-4pm CT/8am-3pm MT GRI 501 - Business Planning “Fail to plan you plan to fail ”Benjamin Franklin. All real estate agents need to have the foundation on how to run a business. This course will work with the students to develop goals, business plan ,budget and marketing skills to move their business forward to success with social media, and other avenues. Sign Up
August 8, 2024 | 9am-4pm CT/8am-3pm MT GRI 505 - Working with Sellers (Pricing Strategy Advisor Certification) Enhance your skills in pricing properties, creating CMAs, working with appraisers, and guiding clients through the anxieties and misperceptions they often have about home values with NAR’s PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor) certification. Sioux Falls, Watertown, Aberdeen & Rapid City Register
October 9, 2024 | 9am-4pm CT/ 8am-3pm MT GRI 502 - Contracts What you don’t know about a contract could hurt you. This course will help you identify state contract laws regarding the essential elements of a contract and give you guidance and tactical skills for writing and presenting a variety of real estate agreements, such as sales contract, deposits, and title insurance. It will define each party’s right and obligations in a contractual agreement and the time frames of the contracts recognize each expectations and obligations. It will give students hands-on experience with the basics of sales contracts along with the best ways to serve and protect their clients. Zoom Virtual Classroom Register
November 21, 2024 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CT/8:00 am - 3:00 pm MT GRI 506 - THE CODE IS GOOD BUSINESS What’s with the Code of Ethics anyway? This course will clarify how the Code helps student’s business and the reputation of all REALTORS®. The students will learn the NAR Code of Ethics, case interpretations, mediation, arbitration, and ombudsman process. This course will describe “general business” ethics and compare and contrast the REALTORS® Code of Ethics with business ethics, generally and identify critical elements of due process as they relate to the Code enforcement. Students will become familiar with the Pathways of Professionalism. It will define and distinguish “mandatory arbitration and “voluntary arbitration” as well as, events in a transaction resulting in the procuring cause of the sale through applying and analyzing a case study. This course will be a hands-on opportunity for learning how to apply the code in business everyday decisions, problems and difficult situations. Fulfills NAR Code of Ethics Mandatory Training Zoom Virtual Classroom Register