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February 3, 2022 | 8:30 am – 12pm CT / 7:30 am-11am MT
State Association Building, Pierre or Zoom Virtual Classroom


The 2022 SD REALTORS® Broker Summit is being held in conjunction with the Legislative Appreciation Night. The Broker Summit will host Tracy Kasper, NAR First Vice President; Zach Rubin-McCarry, NAR Political Representative; Dr. Jessica Lautz, NAR Vice President of Demographics and Behavioral Insights and A SPECIAL GUEST!
Join us on February 2 for the Legislative Appreciation Night where REALTORS® from around South Dakota help lawmakers be mindful of our industry concerns and opportunity for growth. This means they understand the magnitude of how REALTORS® make a difference in their communities and for the economic health of our state.
First 50 registrants for the IN-PERSON Broker Summit event, will be entered into a drawing for a free hotel room. (The winner will be reimbursed for their room after the event)

Responsible/Managing Brokers or Owners – Free
SD REALTOR® Member – $50
Non-Member – $75

Virtual Attendees: Registration is a two-step process. The day before class, you will be emailed a Zoom link to confirm registration, as well as class materials and guidelines.



Zoom Best Practices for Attendees

  1. Double check your internet connection on your computer or mobile device. If you are having connection issues, if may be helpful to move closer to your wireless router. You can test your internet connection speed before the meeting at
  2. Be sure to test your camera and mic on your computer at If your computer audio is weak, consider using wired headphones for optimum audio quality.
  3. Adjust your camera for best lighting and avoid backlighting by making sure there are no windows or bright white walls behind you. Webcams are often challenged by bright backgrounds, which means sitting in front of a window will likely result in your face being silhouetted.
  4. If you plan to attend your scheduled meetings on a mobile device, be sure to install the Zoom application on that device in advance. This will need to be done at least half an hour before the scheduled meeting. To download, head to Once on the Download Center landing page, scroll to “Zoom Client for Meetings” and click the blue “Download” button.
  5. If using a computer, go to https// and click Join. Input the meeting ID that you receive via email. You will be asked to fill out “meeting registration”.  This is only to verify you are in the meeting.  This is how we monitor attendance that time has been fulfilled to receive credit.
  6. Keep your microphone muted at all times unless speaking. Before you speak, take a moment to introduce yourself. Once you are finished speaking, please remember to mute your microphone again.
  7. Make sure your laptop, tablet, or mobile device are plugged into a charger, so you don’t run low on battery during the meeting. Some meetings may be locked after they begin and you will not be allowed re-entry if you lose connection.
  8. If you would like more information on joining a meeting with Zoom—
  9. If you are disconnected for any reason, you MUST call the SD REALTORS office at 605-224-0554 immediately. You are unable to start one day and finish the next.